Intressant kommentar från en Linuxspridande amerikan...

Intressant kommentar från en Linuxspridande amerikan...

Inläggav tux-sven » tor jan 14, 2010 6:22 pm

Det här hittade jag bland kommentarerna efter Adventures in Open Source test av Linux Mint 8:

(Skriven av signaturen Oldcode den 31 December 2009)

"My company has converted this year a record of over 700 users on mint. On a statistic from July of 2007 on ubuntu We had alot of trouble with just the basics ubuntu employs in its layout with clients and customers switching from home to business on xp/vista to Ubuntu as a solution. In first quarter of 2009 we made the move to Linux Mint.
with a 39% change rate back xp or vista. and having 3 techs giving support 24 hours a day. Here is your math

2007…..495….112 switched back…phones busy
2008…..672….389 switched back…phones busy
2009(Linux mint)..789….0 switched back. let go 2 techs.

Theres your math from our small group in arkansas, texas, oklahoma and missouri.

The article is spot on. Or goal is 1. we are a non profit spread Linux. This is how we contribute to Linux. In the end more developers will come as more masses us what we support as the greatest movement ever.

The small picture is Linux is free. The big picture is the freedom and advancement it gives to all of society.

If I was smart enough to Program, I would. If I was rich enough to donate I would. But what I can do is take my 20 years of minor experiences and great sells ability and spread Linux to ever system like a mad virus. And this is my contribution.

Like Dan said. Try it yourself. And be the Judge yourself. I for one give Linux Mint the #1 distro as does the several Hundreds of users I keep track of and there experiences.

with that said. ubuntu is a great distro. But it lacks the simplicity Mint has provided."

Det ni! :D
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